From A Small Agency To A Leading U.S. Book Publishing Company

During the winters of 2003, The American Publishing Studios began in a small basement in the heart of New York, and ever since, there has been no looking back.

We have grown to a team of 50+ writing experts, empowering writers like you to bring their epic ideas to literary reality. We started humbly with book coaching and publishing services.

Award-Winning Book Creation Is Now Our Forte

This self-help non-fiction book hit the big market and impacted millions of lives globally. It has helped us realize we could have a more significant impact in the coming years. Later on, we took a plunge into ghostwriting complete fiction stories, candid biographies, spicy romance novels, and memoirs. Today, we celebrate our 20 years in the industry. Till now, we have enabled thousands of entities, individuals and businesses, celebrities and influencers, sportsmen, and impressionist artists to create honorary literature. You can find some of our masterpieces in your neighborhood bookshops or wherever you go to read.

Our Growth

Since 2003, we have continually strived to innovate and succeed in book writing, marketing, and publishing. Our dedication to quality and client satisfaction has led us to success.


Introduced smart tools for writing and editing to enhance your book publishing experience

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Focused on sustainable and eco-friendly publishing practices.

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Celebrated 5,000 books published with remarkable client feedback.

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Adapted to digital trends, increasing ROI through online campaigns.

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Launched a mentorship program for aspiring writers.

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Achieved record-high profits and continued client satisfaction.

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2017: Expanded globally, offering services to international authors.

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Partnered with renowned authors, boosting our industry reputation.

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Invested in cutting-edge publishing technology to improve efficiency.

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Saw a 75% increase in client returns due to our quality services.

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Enhanced our services with advanced digital marketing strategies.

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Reached a milestone of 1,000 books successfully published.

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Launched an innovative online platform for seamless client interaction.

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Published our first best-selling author.

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Achieved a 50% increase in customer satisfaction.

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Introduced comprehensive book marketing services.

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Expanded our team to include expert editors and proofreaders.

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Secured our first major client, setting the stage for growth.

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Founded our company, dedicated to providing top-notch book services.

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Do You, Too, Have A Story That Can Change Lives?

American Publishing Studios empowers you to share your narrative with the world.

At American Publishing Studios, our vision drives everything we do in the publishing industry. Our mission is to impact millions of lives globally by collaborating with writers who possess magnificent ideas and aspire to launch them on a grand scale. We work tirelessly to bring these ideas to fruition daily, ensuring they reach and inspire a worldwide audience.

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What’s your Writing Journey?

Our quality services have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, affirming our commitment to excellence and innovation in the publishing industry. We continue to uphold the highest standards of achievement.

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